About Rekindle Research

Delivering pragmatic solutions to clients is a cornerstone of our approach, so we avoid being tied in to one particular provider of field and data services

networkingWorking together with other specialist businesses in the industry, Rekindle is able to offer both full-service solutions and individual elements in an overall programme of research. This means we are able to take on any assignment with any combination of the following core elements in the research process:

  • Survey design, including sample and fieldwork sourcing and the development of survey tools and materials
  • Recruiting participants from niche audiences for qualitative and quantitative fieldwork
  • Interviewing across all mainstream channels: telephone, online and face-to-face
  • Moderating focus groups and depth interviews
  • All aspects of project management
  • Data processing and analysis, including more complex modelling solutions such as conjoint
  • Feedback of research insights through:
    • Management summary reporting
    • More comprehensive reporting programmes
    • Face-to-face and online delivery of presentations
    • In house workshops
Russell Bell