Business Benchmarking

Whatever business sector or industry your company operates in, planning the way forward for the business is always a challenge

Operational and strategic questions crop up every day, and the lack of comparative information can be a real issue. Typical problems facing a business owner in any sector might include:

  • What's the ideal number of staff in each function within the company at the current level of business?
  • What are the standard contract hours in each job function every week? And what's the actual number of hours worked?
  • How is the industry responding to the growing importance of social media?
  • What proportion of income do businesses in my size band typically spend on marketing and sales?
  • How do pay and benefits compare to the rest of the industry? And what are the norms in my region?
  • What's the typical invoicing period across the industry?
  • Are other businesses in the industry experiencing the same market trends?

The Rekindle Research team has 10 years' experience in the delivery of industry benchmarking studies in the public relations and communications industries. The model is easy to transfer across to other sectors and can provide:

  • A focal point for industry associations looking to offer added value member services with real and current industry relevance
  • A safe research vehicle which allows businesses to share aggregate performance data without revealing any details of their own specific business performance to competitors
  • The opportunity for businesses in a single industry to share best practice and business understanding for the benefit of all industry players