Rekindle Research

Rekindle Research is a business consultancy specialising in flexible and pragmatic research solutions for business-to-business clients

In today's business environment, research buyers are prioritising value for money more than ever before. Clients are looking for solutions that can provide the insight they need without taking on the overhead costs of working with a larger agency. In this context, small, versatile research firms are thriving.

Another key client demand is flexibility. While one set of business objectives might be best addressed with a quick online survey, there may be other objectives which call for a deeper understanding which is best investigated through techniques such as focus groups. Rekindle Research provides expert advice on how best to structure a research programme in the context of the stated objectives, and we offer a full range of both quantitative and qualitative research solutions.

Rekindle Research works with an informal network of small-scale research providers offering access to a full spectrum of services, ranging from complex decision modelling research designs through to fast turnaround online surveys and in-depth interviewing with hard to access audiences such as high net worth individuals and company directors.

Throughout the process, client contact is provided by an expert researcher, and every element in each research project is handled by an expert in their field. So our clients are used to receiving a proactive, adept and bespoke service.