Online Surveys

Researching the views of your customers, members, employees or any other group has never been easier, if you have access to a list of e-mail contact details

It's now possible to find versatile and free software online which you can download and build your own surveys in a matter of minutes: but it's not always that simple is it? Quite apart from the time involved, there are other problems you'll face….

  • How do I phrase unbiased and objective questions?
  • What can I do to maximise the number of participants?
  • How do I make my survey short and snappy enough to make sure people fill it in properly?
  • What will I do with all the data once the survey is complete? How do I analyse it?
  • Do I know how to sift through the data to distil it down to key findings?
  • And do I have time to do all this?

Rekindle Research works with its research business partners to offer cost-effective online surveys of all shapes and sizes. We can handle every aspect of the survey from question scripting through to detailed analysis and reporting. And you can use us for as much or as little of the process as you like.

If all you need is a supplier to actually host the survey for you, we can take your questionnaire and sample list, run the survey for you, and send you back a data file in Excel, SPSS or any other mainstream data format.

Or, at the other extreme… We can take a detailed briefing from you, design a questionnaire at any level of complexity, host and run your survey, carry out full data analysis and come back to you with a detailed report including charting and management summary.

Our approach is entirely flexible and geared to fit around your needs. For more information, send us your details via our Contact Us page and we'll be able to offer you a bespoke solution to your online survey problems